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Tim and his Nanny after his concert 2003

In loving memory of Charlotte Jackes April 20, 1925-Sept 1, 2010

Keeping her grandson company in heaven.



In loving memory of Elva Craddock; loving and loved Mom & Grandma, keeping her grandson company in heaven. 1928-2005

Perhaps love is like a resting place A shelter from the storm It exists to give you comfort It is there to keep you warm And in those times of trouble When you are most alone The memory of love will bring you home.

The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.  Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. Isaiah 57:1-2 (NIV)


This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Timothy Jackes who was born in Virginia on May 10, 1988 and passed away on December 22, 2003 at the age of 15. We loved him every day of his life, and we will love and miss him every day of our lives. 

Tim was a loving boy with a quirky sense of humor. He was smart, very smart.Though ADHD created some problems for him, as he matured, he was finding his own way to handle it, and he was doing well. He had his best friends, and was kind to everyone. His compassion for all life, human and animal, is something I strive to live up to. He loved music and singing, and was in the Madrigals at high school. He enjoyed scouting, especially the outdoor events, white water rafting, biking, canoeing, hiking, he enjoyed it all. And though he was the youngest amd smallest on the backpacking trip, he insisted on hauling his own weight up and over passes in the high Sierras as high as 12,000', because to let someone else haul his pack up would have been "cheating".

He was a wonderful big brother, and a wonderful son. Tim had a fiery temper, easily ignited, and at times, very little patience with himself.

He loved a good joke, and funny movies, tv and books. He loved Monty Python, and Zoolander, and other goofy movies like that. Tim was an avid reader, read all the Harry Potter books that were out, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Narnia books.

I so enjoyed watching him grow up, and see the person he was becoming. It was wonderful to carry on conversations with him on this different, adult level. He had always had an inquisitive mind, the dinner table was always loaded up with lots of questions, and that did not change even as he got older. In fact, his questions were quite often well ahead of his time and age, though in a lot of ways he seemed younger, emotionally, than his peers.

He was an average student. Scored extremely well on all tests, but did not always do the homework. He was particularly good with numbers and math. Tim was so fascinated when he learned about the Fibonaci Sequence, that he went to the school library and borrowed a book about Fibonaci to read for fun.Timmer was such a big help too, to his younger brother, when he struggled with his math.

At 15, he still called us Mommy & Daddy, though his little brother decided in 3rd grade that that was too baby sounding, and has been calling us Mom & Dad ever since. I loved being his Mommy.
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This site is for the foundation in Tim's name, Voice of an Angel/Tim Jackes Foundation. Tim's foundation was set up for the purpose of granting musical scholarships to seniors in our local school district.

A Belated Thank You
The Jackes family has been truly blessed. At the hospital, we appreciated so much the kindness of the volunteer from Trauma Intervention and the chaplain from the police department, who came to wait and to pray with us, to help  us make phone calls, etc. We thank you. For the nurse who held me, and gave me an angel bracelet, thank you. For Joey, who saw the accident scene and after leaving his young family at home, came to the hospital to be with us, pray with us, offer his support, Thank You. And of course, all the EMT's, doctors and nurses who worked so hard to save Tim. We saw in your faces as you left the room, how much it hurt you to lose this young man just a few days before Christmas. We know you worked so hard. Thank you. During the days, weeks and months that followed Tim's death, there was such an outpouring of love, support and kindness by so many. Of course, our families and friends and coworkers, you all did so much for us, and continue to do so. For those who could not be here in person, we felt your presence and love and support, even across the miles. Thank you. For those who could be here, you did so much, even though you were hurting too. Thank you. For St. Matthew's ACC in Newport Beach, and everyone there, we are so blessed that God led us to you, just a month before Tim died. You honored Tim and us with all you did, and continue to do. Thank you. Thank you to Tom, Tim's choir director for leaving your young family and a temporarily disabled wife to come out and sing so beautifully for Tim. We are so grateful that you were there. Thank you. Cub Scout Pack 773, families past and present. We were a part of 773 for so long, they are like family. And all of you went above and beyond, taking care of us, holding us up, feeding us, loving us. Thank You. Boy Scout Troop 774, equally supportive. You have all been so kind, boys and parents alike. Thank you all for loving Tim, for helping him along in scouting, and for being there in full force on the day of his service. For doing things to honor Tim, and to help us, again, above and beyond. And for treating Dennis the same as ever after Tim died, just as he asked. Thank You. To the late, greatly missed Artie Muratore; who, when we went to buy scout pants and other items we needed for Dennis to wear for Tim's funeral, would not let us pay for it. Artie, you touched us so deeply by your kindness, and we thank you. I hope you and Tim are doing great things in heaven. To Keith Swan & Swan Photo Lab, who made many enlargements for us in a hurry at a busy time of year, so we could have them for the funeral, and who continue to assist us with Tim's foundation, we thank you so much. For Simonson Photography; who kindly gave us a copy of Tim's last school picture on a cd, so we could make as many copies as we wanted, that was such a kind way to reach out, and we are so grateful. Thank you. For the lovely young lady who was in choir with Tim, and worked in the photo lab where we brought that cd to get an enlargement made of his school picture; who paid for that enlargement out of her own paycheck. If you had been there when I returned to pick it up, I would have hugged you. That was so kind, and we were so touched. For others in the Scouting community, and for strangers in our community and beyond, for supporting us, helping us in any way you could. Thank you. To the Leards; strangers who would become friends, who wanted to do something and found a way to honor Tim, Thank you, we are blessed to know you.
Stuart & Kevin, thank you for being his friends. We are glad he was having a good time with you, just before he was called home.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all. We can never repay you, but we can do our best to pay it forward. Human kindness is overflowing.
God Bless You All.
Annette, Hugh and Dennis Jackes

He Was Not Done

He was not done growing
He was not done learning
He was not done becoming

We were not done watching him grow.

He was not done laughing
He was not done singing
He was not done telling us about his day

We were not done listening to him.

He was not done swimming
He was not done hiking
He was not done boulder hopping

We were not done enjoying his life.

He was not done caring
He was not done helping
He was not done loving

We are not done loving him.

He was not done being a boy
He was not done becoming a man
He was not done

We are not done.

Written by Mom (Annette) 8/21/2006

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Tributes and Condolences
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eulogy  / Hugh Jackes (Dad)
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Timmer & Grandpa Sweet   / Mom (Mom)
Side by side I see them kneel
My Grandfather and my son
Saying their prayers together
As Grandpa and I have done

"Our Father, Who art in Heaven"
As they bow at the good Lord's feet
I hear their voices speak as one
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His legacy
I Am  
I am a rock lover.
I wonder how many words are left that I can learn.
I hear people laughing and screaming in laughter at my birthday.
I want the world to be perfect with no pollution.

I pretend that the world is perfect.
I feel the wind blowing on my face.
I touch the sky when I'm dreaming.
I worry about the world's pollution.
I cry when my brother is hurt.
I am glad to be an American.

I understand, but don't like, the world's cruelness.
I dream that nothing goes wrong.
I try to fix problems.
I hope that the world is better before I die.
I am Timothy Jackes

written by Tim in 3rd grade May 1997

Life Poem  
Life is like one of the good china plates
It's easy to break, and
If you do, you're in trouble with Daddy.
you only eat off it
At Christmas,
And Easter,
And Thanksgiving,
And Birthdays.
All the other times you keep it safe,
locked in the cupboard.
Life is like one of the good china plates.

written by Tim in 2002

Tim loved music. He loved listening to it, loved to sing. He liked classic rock, Pachelbel, Charlotte Church, Green Day, Nirvana, Smash Mouth, and many other singers and styles. He sang in the Jr choir at church when he was young, and sang in school from 4th grade on, performing in the superintendant's honor choir one year. He auditioned for and was accepted into Madrigals in 10th grade, and performed in his first concert with them 2 weeks before he died.
Tim was also a very kind and compassionate young man. Because of his kindness and friendship to another boy on the school bus, that boy's father was moved by Tim's death as much as his son, though none of us had ever met. He contacted us about starting a foundation in Tim's name, and Voice of an Angel/Tim Jackes Foundation was born. The purpose of Tim's foundation is to honor other musically gifted students in our school district. So far, in two years of operation, Voice of an Angel has awarded a total of 6 scholarships to seniors continuing their musical studies in college. The 1st year, 6 months after Tim died, we awarded 3 students at Tim's school. Last year, we branched out and made it available to all seniors in the school district, and awarded 3 students again, each from a different school. The talent we get to hear is amazing, vocal and instrumental, and the goals and aspirations of these young adults are admirable. We feel that as each student makes his or her way in the world, using their music to touch others either by performing or teaching, Tim himself is touching each of these lives as well.
Please visit the Voice of an Angel website.http://www.voiceofanangel.org

Timothy's Photo Album
camping in Anza Borego, CA, he fell asleep waiting for Dad to return to go to bed
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